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LIFE Groups are St.Marks small groups, they take place over three terms annually and run for 6-8 weeks in October, February & May.

They take place at various locations within the city. Age-Specific LIFE groups take place in Chapel on Wednesdays (age 18+) and APEX on Tuesdays (Age 30+).

We also have a life group for our new church plant out in Balbriggan.




BACK IN 2022


Reading Bible


This is a 4 week course that introduces you to St. Mark's Church; who we are and what we believe.


If you have started attending recently or you've been coming a while, this is a great course to introduce you to our beliefs, history and also ways you can get involved.


It's open to all!  This course is facilitated by Penny Maeder. 


Do you sometimes ask yourself; Will I ever be free from debt? 

Why do I never have any money for the things I want? 

I want to give generously, and save for the future, but how can I possibly do these things when I can't even make it to the next payday?


This course will help you to see where your money is going and help you to take control of it. Whether you like to use cash, or a debit card, or written accounts, we will take you through the steps of identifying what you want to do with your money and how to make it happen. 


Before you come on the course you can start gathering up your bills and bank statements to get an idea of what's happening right now in your financial life. And if your finances are chaotic right now, or if your money just isn't doing what you want it to do, this course offers some simple steps to a better financial future.

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Christian Booklet


Spiritual formation explores life habits and daily disciplines in the life of the believer, so that by 

the empowering of the Holy Spirit we can grow more like Jesus. We will go through essential practices

so that we learn to abide in and lean on God in every season as Christ is being fully formed in you (Galatians 4:19).