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St. Mark's Church

Welcome to St. Mark's Church. St. Mark's is a vibrant Church family in four locations, in and around the great City of Dublin. God has raised us up to be a spiritual home for many people. As such, our passion is to reach out to people all of the time and to create a family home where people of all ages and backgrounds are loved and equipped to reach their full potential in Christ.


It is our desire to bring people Home, and in so doing, we want our Church to be a place:

  • Where you can RELATE to God and to people in your Church family

  • Where you can REACH your potential and REACH out to your area of Influence & a place

  • Where you can RISE up in your calling and your destiny as a child of God


Our hope is that as you browse our site you will find an answer for your query, an area of Church you can connect with and relevant information which will give you a flavour of life in our Church. Thank you for ‘dropping in’ and we look forward to meeting you face to face at one of our Sunday services.


God bless you and keep you,

Pastor Sean and Susan



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The Bible is our primary source for teaching, training and discipleship.

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We need and place a high value on the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

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Is the engine room of our lives and our Church.

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Our daily devotion and worship to God is celebrated in our corporate focus on praise and worship.

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We endeavour to reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ in every possible way.

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We seek to obey the mandate given by Jesus to ‘Go into the whole world and make disciples’. We are committed to supporting mission at home and abroad.

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We want this to be a ‘Family Home’ full of love for one another. A place of growing maturity.

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We are committed to vision led leadership and to leadership development at all levels.

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We are a contemporary Irish Church which welcomes people of all ages from all backgrounds and nationalities.

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We provide a place and community where young people can feel safe and where they can grow and mature in the ways of God.

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We know we are only a part of the larger family of God and place great importance on our relationship with other Christian Churches and our membership of the Christian Churches Ireland and the Evangelical Alliance Ireland.

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We believe in doing our very best for God in the knowledge that excellence honours God and inspires people.

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We understand the need to be generous with our abilities, attitudes, time and finances. We believe in the bringing of tithes and offerings to the Church for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

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We seek to live lives of purity, integrity and accountability as we intentionally pursue Spiritual maturity.


what we believe

The Bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative written Word of God.

2 Timothy 3:14-17


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St. Mark’s was founded in 1986 by Pastor Gary and Wilma Davidson from Oklahoma in the USA, the fledgling ‘Family Worship Centre’ needed a home.  In 1987 the leadership team, along with the founding members of the church went to view a Church on Pearse Street called St Mark’s and it was decided to place an offer to buy the property. Having secured the purchase, the first Sunday morning service took place in late November 1987, while renovations were still being carried out.


In January 2001 Pastor Sean and Susan Mullarkey arrived back to the Church after a number of years serving in another local Church and working for a National Youth organisation.  They came to work alongside the leadership team and were installed as Senior Pastors in April 2004.


St Mark’s has gone from strength to strength and it now holds three Sunday services to accommodate the growing number of participants. St Mark’s Church describes itself as ‘a fellowship of born again, Spirit filled believers who are from a variety of backgrounds. The community believes that God has called the church to establish a loving, spiritually sound centre of ministry, a ‘well of salvation’ and a place where individuals can reach their full potential in Christ Jesus’.


On the 25th of April 2007 St Mark’s Church celebrated its 20th anniversary as a Pentecostal fellowship, along with commemorating the 250th anniversary of the building being used as a centre of Christian worship. To mark these significant occasions the President of Ireland officially opened the week long festivities and was the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony.


Today, St Mark’s continues the long tradition of Christian worship in Ireland’s capital city and it continues to start other Churches in different parts of our great city.

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